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        "International Alliance Forum for Open Educational Resources" was chaired by Yan Dong, a professor of Beijing Normal University. Feng Ju, Deputy Director of I-course Center of National Higher Education Institute, Xiaochen Wang, Associate Professor of Capital Normal University and other scholars from Poland, Serbia and Slovakia had a heated discussion on the essence of openness, the direction of development, possible obstacles, potential solutions and other issues.

Kai Kang, Secretary of China Association of Higher Education

Jianhua Zhao, Deputy Director of the International Center for Higher Education Innovation under the auspices of UNESCO, as well as professor of Southern University of Science and Technology

Bojan Lalic, Associate Professor of Serbian Norwich University

Xiaoju Hou, Deputy Secretary-General of Information Technology Teaching Guidance Committee of Ministry of Education
International Alliance Forum for Open Educational Resources

At the symposium in the morning of May 26, representatives from different countries had an in-depth discussion on the issues of Industrial 4.0 Framework, the ground plan of international alliance for open education resources, the construction of open educational resources platform and cooperation mechanism. All the representatives were looking forward to the future cooperation.

Construction Seminar of International Alliance for Open Educational Resources

In conclusion, many elites gathered in the forum, through sharing their educational achievements, they had a deeper understanding of smart learning environment and open educational resources. In the future, they will collaborate to find a sustainable way to develop education. All the representatives have reached a consensus that the countries should conduct multi-form, multi-channel and multi-level international cooperation and exchange to promote educational innovation and cultivate talents.




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