TThe Innovation, Design and Learning Webinars Rounded off

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On 21 to 25 March 2018
The Webinars lasted for 5 days.
It has Invited 17 guests from 13 countries.
It has attracted more than 300 participants from over 10 countries.
Participants spontaneously formed a number of parallel sessions for heated discussion.

        In respond to the idea and call to innovate talents training pattern, Smart Learning Institute held the Innovation, Design and Learning Webinars from 21 to 25 March 2018. Webinars attract 17 experts and scholars in the field of education, design, humanity, technology and business from 13 countries around the world. They had robust discussion centers on ‘the role of OER in vocational education’, ‘harnessing OER for innovation, design and learning’ and ‘the design and learning in interdisciplinary subjects’. In the course of Webinar, audiences from Russia, Japan, Korea, Romania, Madagascar, East Timor, Algeria and other countries communicate deeply with experts.
        During the period of Webinars, guests include Kekang He( director of modern education technology research institute, Beijing Normal University),Jonathan Michael Spector( professor and former chair of College of Information, Department of Learning Technologies, University of Texas),Robert Schuwer(professor of Open Educational Resources (OER) at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, School of ICT in Eindhoven),Sandra Kucina Softic( head of the Office for E-learning at the University of Zagreb.) ,Jenni Hayman(director of Digital Campus Program of Ontario, Canada ),Chee Kit Looi(professor of National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University),Yan Wu( director of the Science Fiction and Creative Education Research Center, Department of Education, Beijing Normal University),Ilia Rodov(professor of Department of Jewish Art, Bar-Ilan University, Israel) and Yanju Shao(assistant professor of Faculty of Education, City University of Macau ) made perfect reports.
        The colorful schedule and effective form of the Webinars not only intensively display the latest research achievements center on innovation, design and learning of the whole world, including Belt and Road countries, but also shared the international cooperation and practical experiences of design and innovation in different domains, which would provide an exchange platform for educational researchers to enhance mutual understanding at home and abroad, At the same time, participants spontaneously formed many parallel sessions, including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University, East China University, HuaiHai Institute of Technology, etc.  
 Parallel Session in HuaiHai Institute of Technology   Parallel Session in Beijing Normal University 1  Parallel Session in Beijing Normal University 2


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