【2018.01.07】Excellent Design Works Gathered in the Academic Week, Fueling Innovation and Design Educational Practice

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      During the academic week, excellent design works from schools and enterprises were invited to Beijing Normal University. The works were exhibited collectively at the Four Seasons Hall on the first floor of the main building. At the same time, the designers of the works also came to SLIBNU to participate in the design seminars. The purpose is to provide some suggestions for future innovation and design education.
         Design works exhibition is divided into Innovative Design Experience Zone and Design & Computing Thinking Experience Zone from January 3 to January 7, attracting nearly 1000 people come to experience. The schools, universities and enterprises such as BNU, Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Stanford University, Beijing Jingshan School, Hangzhou Yangtze River Experimental Primary School, Elenity, Microduino, Leju Robot, TRIZ EDU, ZANVR, Zige, etc, will show the excellent products in the field of design during the exhibition.

Students from BNU Came to Experience
Mr. Dejian Liu and Professor Ronghuai Huang, Co-Deans of SLIBNU, Came to Visit and Guide
 Guanzhong Liu, Professor of the Academy of Arts & Design, THU, Jianzhong Zhou, Researcher in the Institute of Science and Development, CAS, Jinsheng Ma, Professor of BeiHang University and Junjie Peng, Senior Design Director of Industrial Design, NetDragon Came to Visit
Michael Spector, Professor of NTU and Eric Byler, Executive Manager of Program Development in the School of Design, Stanford University Came to Guide
       In addition, in the nights of January 5th - 7th, design seminars were specially arranged in the academic week. Elernity, Beijing Jingshan School, Microduino, Leju Robot, TRIZ EDU, ZANVR, Zige and other renowned enterprises participated in the seminars. Each seminar was guided by two enterprises. Many people from different fields communicated with each other on the dynamics in the field of design and learning and other practical problems. People included teachers in universities, primary and secondary schools and training institutions; postgraduates and Ph.D. students majoring in education; business professional designers and researchers in the field of innovation education. The close communication was welcomed by the participants, and people hoped that SLIBNU would continue to build up this platform to make design seminars a usual.
Participants Experienced the Making-up of Products
Participants Interacted with Robots
Photo of Design Seminar
      On January 3, 2018, Smart Learning & Innovative Design Week was held in the Jingshi Hall, Beijing Normal University (BNU). It was sponsored by BNU, Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University (SLIBNU), Graduate School of Beijing Normal University (GSBNU), Faculty of Education of Beijing Normal University (FEBNU) and Elernity, supported by Beijing Design Society (BDS). Smart Learning & Innovative Design Week focused on the capability cultivation of design, computing and innovative thinking for future digital citizens. The events included The Second Design、Computing and Innovative Thinking Summit, exhibitions of enterprise design products and excellent student products, Design & Learning Experience Workshop, Design & Learning Products Report and Assessment, and related seminars, etc.


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