【2018.01.06】“Design & Learning” Workshop for Teachers

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      On January 6th and 7th , 2018, as the most important academic week event, more than 30 university teachers and primary and secondary school teachers came to the "Design & Learning" workshop. The workshop was divided into 2 sessions, one for university teachers and another for primary and secondary school teachers. Teachers from Beijing Normal University, Capital Normal University, Beijing Jingshan School and Xicheng District Experimental Primary School participated in the activity.
        The workshop was hosted by Dr. Zhiying Nian, Director of Elernity Think Tank. Dr. Nian first shared with teachers the six most important modules in design methodology, namely original demand, target users, stakeholders analysis, competing product analysis, scenario analysis and function list. After mastering the design ideas, the teachers divided several groups to design educational products. After one-day studying and discussing, all the groups explored more than one wonderful works related to children's education, such as the IDN Experience Center for exploring children's interest, experience classes for promoting the development of children's creativity and space design for future teaching. Through this workshop, teachers not only enhanced their interdisciplinary teaching capabilities, but also made various assumptions about the concept of future education. All of them said that they had a lot of benefits from the workshop.

“Design & Learning” Workshop: University Teachers Group
“Design & Learning” Workshop: Primary and Secondary School Teachers Group


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