【2018.01.05】The “Design & Learning” Student Works was Presented in the “Smart Learning & Innovative Design Week”

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The “Design & Learning” Student Works Report 
 Product Introduction: JOININ group introduces card game into classroom, so as to promote students' participation, interaction and communication in class which will contribute to the forming of students' cooperation and communication. Based on this product design, the group has proposed a complete curriculum strategy design, which is a curriculum program to promote students' deep communication.
Experts' Comments: Researcher Jianzhong Zhou and Mr. Junjie Peng showed recognition to the creativity of the group, and they thought their works was interesting. They also suggested that students could pay more attention to the team communication and cooperation. The aim is to develop students’ spirit of teamwork and the spirit of sharing in their card games. At the same time, experts advised to focus on the analysis of the teacher who plays a great role in the card game during the design process. Lastly, controlling the direction of design also needs to be considered.
Happy Planet 

Product Introduction: The theme of Happy Planet is to set up a multifunctional experience zones of library, which includes many interesting experience zones, such as the traditional culture experience zone, space maker experience zone, VR experience zone, handcraft experience zone, stage experience zone, nature seasons experience zone, book reading zone, educational game break-through zone, digital experience zone, sharing exchange zone and so on. The group is to create a new and interesting library to encourage more people to walk into the library and taste the fun of knowledge.
Experts' Comments: Experts acknowledged the group's initial wish to guide more readers into library. At the same time, they put forward the valuable advice on how to improve the product. Professor Guanzhong Liu tried to inspire the group with the question like what theory of design methodology the product of Happy Planet employed. Professor Weizu Song reminded students that the essential purpose of the interesting library was to enhance interest in reading instead of entertainment.
Product Introduction: 51XueKa is a social networking site, mainly for school students. It is mainly used to share the experiences of social activities and publish information, including three modules—— experiences sharing, information sharing and information releasing. It can provide an one-stop Internet service platform for students on campus within the scope of exchange, including learning, examination, activities and other aspects of information, from which you can obtain important information on campus.
Experts' Comments: Mr. Junjie Peng believed this product was very practical. But we still need to dig into the function of the product, and make a more comprehensive analysis to the responsible persons of the product, so as to further improve the design of the product. Professor Jinsheng Ma reminded students to pay more attention to the last product report during the commenting process. He also gave valuable suggestions to students in their logicality and text performance.
 Product Introduction: YiZhi, derived from Book of Changes, means that concise explanation is easy to understand and simple word is easy to convince people. The group locate the product in an academic and professional platform, providing the function of mutual borrowing and exchange of entity books and the sharing of professional knowledge. Based on the advantages of the Internet, it is convenient for users to exchange professional knowledge and share books.
Experts' Comments: After the report, Yizhi's conception and positioning were well received by the experts on site. Mr. Jianzhong Zhou pointed out that the highlight of the group was that experts and scholars could join the platform to provide professional guidance for the students in need. But the group still needs to consider how to attract experts into the platform and how to join the platform in a suitable way. Mr. Zhou's questions also provided a clear direction for the group's future design.
Product Introduction: Milu is a navigation software application to science museum. It generates a personalized tour route through graphical, visualized and vivid form. Miliu can present holographic images of the Science and Technology Museum, allowing users to visit the exhibition hall and exhibits virtual models in the VR world, so as to provide navigation for people to visit the science museum.
Experts' Comments: Milu keeps visitors from losing their way. This is a good concept and creativity. But Jianzhong Zhou encouraged the group to think more about the practicality and maneuverability of the works. For example, when primary and middle school students enter into the museum, they will be free to visit and will not be visited according to the route made by Milu. Mr. Peng Junjie reminded students to improve the analysis module, learn about the museum's exhibition content in advance so as to further explore knowledge and information, improve the content of APP foundation, and make Milu play the key role of knowledge transfer.
Science Gezi-shop
Product Introduction: Science Gezi-shop tries to meet the needs of current primary school science experiments and the vast number of maker. The purpose is to solve the difficulty of sending and receiving experimental instruments. The group designs an intelligent storage system that integrates automatic sorting, sending and receiving. It has greatly solved the problem of inconvenient use of experimental equipment and high cost of bagged equipment, which aims to make more students feel the charm of science.
Experts' Comments: Mr. Junjie Peng praised the group's design conception and felt that the product could have a more professional name. Professor Guanzhong Liu emphasized that students needed to understand the real meaning of design thinking. Design thinking is not a tool for vocational service, but an inner innovative spirit needed to be carefully tasted.
Sizzle Power
Product Introduction: Sizzle Power tries to help people who are in need of power understand the distribution and utilization of sockets in the study room, aimed at providing references for the choices of seats. The whole school Sizzle Power can search the location in the whole school and then choose power in the teaching area by self-selection, providing power for the self-study charge.
Experts' Comments: Based on the most primitive needs in the learning process of college students, Sizzle Power is very practical. But Professor Guanzhong Liu emphasized that students also needed to accurately locate design purpose on the basis of original needs analysis, and then according to the method of objective exploring implementation, the products designed eventually serve the original needs. Since now a lot of wireless charging has emerged, we need to propose more innovative solutions rather than to cater to the demand of people It is what our design methodology emphasizes.
Cell Castle
 Product Introduction: Cell Castle group tries to build up a full range of models for cellular structure. It will print detachable 3D cell model with a complete set of teaching design to apply to the classroom teaching, making the cellular structure more intuitive to promote the teaching of biology in classroom.
Experts' Comments: Professor Weizu Song expressed his recognition of the concept of group design. It was very good for the group to design teaching AIDS from their own teaching needs and to promote the process of teaching. At the same time, Professor Song proposed that the group could invite students of engineering major, model major and structural design major to form a team to work together and improve the development of the product.
Product Introduction: Pre-Manager, a smart bracelet, helps users control the time when presenting a presentation, and provides corresponding assistance such as the conversion from language to text. The interactive function of the bracelet can help users interact in a natural way and experience a smooth speech process.
Experts' Comments: Jianzhong Zhou mentioned that the function of conversion from voice to text is one of the highlights in the functional design of the bracelet. At the same time, he reminded the students of considering the realizability of technology in the process of conversion. Students need to make a more detailed solution and perfect the following product design on the basis of reality.



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