The Belt and Road Open Learning Week will take place 18-22th December 5, 2017!

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Stay tuned to the upcoming OER webinars between 18th to 22nd of December, 2017, hosted by Belt and Road International Community for Open Educational Resources (BRICOER)! This is BRICOER’s very first webinar series as part of the “Belt and Road Open Learning Week” --- an advocacy of United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4), UNESCO’s call for mainstreaming OER in support of SDG4, and China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Please join us on this journey packed with exciting presentations and discussions on the latest trends and practices in OER. The webinars bring you world’s OER leaders to explore innovations and pressing issues in OER.

The following five topics will be discussed in the webinars:
1.State-of-the-art and case studies of OER development in B&R countries In 2016, the Ministry of Education of China initiated the “Proposed Actions on Jointly Building the Education of the Belt and Road”, highlighting the importance of establishing collaborations between 70 Belt and Road countries to facilitate knowledge sharing, cultural exchanging, and capacity building. This webinar focuses on discussing the state-of-the-art of OER development and case studies in the Belt and Road countries to promote mutual learning and future collaborations.
2.Innovative OER practice to achieve SDG4
OER ensures educational materials can be freely retained, reused, remixed, revised, and redistributed at no cost presents a strategic opportunity to achieving SDG4 (inclusive and equitable education for all) and opens the door to innovations and creativities in education. This webinar focuses on the innovative use of OER in educational practices (e.g., teaching methods, educational tools, policies, etc.) to achieve SDG4.
3.The role of teachers, students and institutions in OER
Successful implementation of OER relies on coordination between stakeholders at various levels. This webinar focuses on the key roles of teachers, students and institutions in promoting OER. What are their main responsibilities? What impact they have on OER? What are their benefits from using OER?
4.Harnessing OER for development of ICT competency
ICT competency is essential in current digital era. UNESCO has led in establishing framework for ICT competency by harnessing OER which encourages teachers to use OER for their professional development in ICT and helping the students to become collaborative, problem-solving, and creative learners through using ICT. This webinar focuses on the use of OER to increase educators and students’ ICT competency.
5.Experience on international OER cooperation
The sustainability of OER requires international cooperation which provides opportunities for diversities and expanded resources, creating a strong foundation for successful OER projects (e.g., TESSA and European Schoolnet). This webinar focuses on presenting the experience in international OER cooperation of different regional areas, diverse cultural background and multiple languages to establish future cooperation strategies.

Don’t miss the opportunity for these exciting webinars! More information will be coming soon… See you at the OER webinars!


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