Prof. Marcia C. Linn, a Member of National Academy of Education Visited SLIBNU

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       On October 29, 2017, Prof. Marcia C. Linn visited the Smart Learning Institute (SLIBNU). She is a member of National Academy of Education and Professor in the Graduate School of Education, University of California, Berkeley. During her stay, Prof. Linn shared the orientations and achievements of the Graduate School of Education, University of California, Berkeley in the domain of educational technology. Then she carried on in-depth discussion with Dean Ronghuai Huang on the topics like K-12 education, the cultivation of design thinking and computational thinking, etc. Prof. Linn’s visit helps enhance the mutual understanding between SLIBUN and the educational team of Berkeley, which will lay a solid foundation for further communication and cooperation.  

Group Photo of Prof. Linn and Dean Huang

Marcia C. Linn
       Marcia C. Linn is Professor of the Graduate School of EducationUniversity of California, Berkeley and Director of Technology Enhanced Learning in Science Community (TELS). She has made outstanding contributions in learning in science, especially in the domain of technology enhanced learning in science. Prof. Linn has been a student of the famous statistician Lee. J. Cronbach, psychologist Ernest. R.Hilgard and educational psychologist Jean Piaget. In 2007, she served as President of the International Society of Learning Sciences (ISLS) and a member of the National Academy of Education.
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