Visitors from Curtin University Visited the Smart Learning Institute (SLI)

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On May 5, 2017, Deborah Terry, president of Curtin University, Seth Kunin, deputy vice-chancellor (International), Andris Stelbovics, pro vice chancellor (Faculty of Science and Engineering), Steve Mickler, head of Curtin’s School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts, and Henry Li, director of international affairs(Greater China), visited the SLI. Visitors were welcomed by Zuoyu Zhou, vice president of Beijing Normal University. Director Tingwen Chang, International Cooperation Center, introduced the development of SLI. Yuan Gao, director of laboratory on open education resources,  introduced the latest achievement of SLI:   ICT in Education in the Belt & Road Countries. Visitors also experienced the 3D print laboratory and 101 smart classroom.
       Last October, Dean Ronghuai Huang, Director Tingwen Chang visited Curtin University, during which both sides discussed about further cooperation. This time, Curtin University came to SLI for further discussion on research and cooperation in relevant areas. Besides, both sides tried to carry out substantial research projects in areas such as open education resources. 

The meeting on-site

Visitors experienced the 3D printing laboratory.


Visitors experienced the 101 smart classroom
Photo of guests


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