Team led by Dean Ronghuai Huai Visited SRI: Stanford Research Institute International.

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During 11 to 13, April, 2017, Dean Ronghuai Huang, Director Tingwen Chang, International Cooperation Center, and manager Fan Lin, NetDragon Websoft Inc., went to USA for exchange.
       On 11, April, the team led by Dean Huang visited Stanford Research Institute (SRI). Dr. Linda Shear, Director of International Studies, Dr. Regie Stites, Program Manager, Dr. Cindy S Ziker, Senior Researcher, Dr. Cynthia D’ Angelo, education researcher, and Dr. Mingyu Feng, research scientist, introduced the development, achievement, international cooperation and relevant research of SRI. Director Tingwen Chang introduced the achievements and international cooperation of Smart Learning Institute (SLI). Later, they discussed the mode of operation, projects undertaken jobs of staff in SRI and cooperative mechanism with Dr. Jeremy Roschelle, Co-Director, Center for Technology in Learning. Built in 1946, SRI is a non-profit institute in Silicon Valley, devoting itself to “Change the World”. CLT in SRI once proposed the conception of “21 century learning design framework” and many other influential achievements that are worth learning.

Visited the SRI

In the afternoon of 11, April, the team led by Dean Huang visited D. School and discussed the talents training plan among D. School, SLI and NetDragon Websoft Inc. Professor Larry Leifer of D. School introduced the ME310 Global course. This course, with leading global universities, tackles design innovation challenges. As one of the most influential courses in Stanford, this course has a history of 40 years. Besides, this course is also a core curriculum for the cultivation of talents. 

On April 12th, the team led by Dean Huang visited IDEO design company. Located in Palo Alto, California, IDEO is a famous design company covering Human Machine Interface, institutional development, electronics, software design, industrial design, interface design and so on. IDEO provides educators with Design Thinking for Educator Toolkit, which helps teachers to find, interpret, think, experiment and evolve the tools and methods in applied design thinking in the real world. 

IDEO Design Thinking Model

On 13, April, the team led by Dean Huang visited the headquarters of Google and Facebook. At Google headquarters, San Francisco Mountain View, they met with the Google VR / AR education product team, experienced their virtual reality education products and further explored the future cooperation direction of VR / AR resources with the Google team. Subsequently, Huang and his entourage went to visit Menlo Park of Facebook, in Silicon Valley, San Francisco and visited the new headquarters of Facebook, MPK20, which was completed in 2015.

The Meeting with Google VR/AR Education Product Team

 The Experiment in Google VR/AR Education Products


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