Nine Visitors from Google Headquarters Visited Smart Learning Institute

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On April 5th, 2017, nine visitors, led by Steven Kan, strategy chief of global AR/VA, Jennifer Holland, program manager, and Benjamin Schrom, product manager at Google for Education in VR/AR fields, visited the Smart Learning Institute (SLI) and discussed the possibility of cooperating with China in education areas. Dean Huang attended the meeting and Director Tingwen Chang of International Cooperation Center introduced the history and achievements of SLI. Jennifer introduced the development and relevant products of Google in education area, such as Google Cardboard and Google Daydream. Visitors also experienced the VR devices of SLI, 101 Smart Classroom and other ways of smart learning. They approved of our development in education areas and wished to cooperate with SLI in the future, pushing the development of both sides in relevant areas. 

Meeting On-Site

Director Tingwen Chang introduced the history of Smart Learning Institute.

Jennifer introduced the education products of Google.
Staff from Google experienced the VR devices.

Staff from Google experienced the 101 Smart Classroom


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