Dean Ronghuai Huang went to the US for 2017 ARL-IIS Expert Workshop

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On June 13-14, 2017, Dean Ronghuai Huang and Dr. Jing Du went to Lowa State University of the US for 2017 ARL-IIS Expert Workshop, which was jointly organized by US Army Research Laboratory (ARL) and Institute of Intelligent System (IIS) of the University of Memphis. The theme of the workshop was “team learning and work task modeling” oriented at Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutors (GIFT). At the workshop, experts from the US, Romania and other countries made cross-field reports on this theme. Meanwhile, Dean Huang made a keynote speech named “The Group Learning and Collaborative Knowledge Building of E-learning Space”, shared research achievements about Group Learning, and made further discussions with the experts.

Dean Huang was making a keynote speech

During the workshop, Dean Huang was invited to visit the IIS of the University of Memphis, and discussed with Dr. Xiangen Hu, who is a lifetime professor of the University of Memphis, the Director of Advanced Learning Technology (ALT) Laboratory and the Director of the US E-learning National Laboratory Division, about the latest research achievements and cooperative directions of Smart System. IIS is aimed to drawing on research achievements in multi-fields, including Psychology, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Education, Physics, Psychology, etc. IIS tries to integrate theoretical studies, technological developments, educational practices and empirical evaluations in order to improve the performance of Smart System. The research group has also developed a variety of cutting-edge software, such as Artificial Intelligence, Man-machine Interaction, and Language Learning.

The IIS of the University of Memphis


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