Academic Workshop on Exploring Scientific Learning Process in Application of the Eye-tracking Technology was Held in SLIBNU

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On September 18th, the academic workshop on exploring scientific learning process in application of the eye-tracking technology was held in Conference Room I in SLIBNU. Professor Fangying Yang, Director of the Science and Education Institute in Taiwan Normal University, brought wonderful sharing to the teachers and students of SLIBNU.

Lecture On-Site

The workshop had two parts: theory and practice. In the morning, Professor Yang gave a detailed introduction of the theoretical content of the eye-tracking technology, including its principles, the classification and selection of eye tracker, research design, division of research objects and data processing. She also made a case analysis based on the characteristics and the needs of science education. In the afternoon, Professor Yang led everyone to carry out the eye-tracking implementation and the participating students made on-site tests, taking the plate movement in the geological course as an example. It aimed to make everyone have an in-depth understanding on the application of this technology to education research through practical operations. After that, Professor Yang communicated with everyone on their issues, and also discussed with students on the various possibilities of eye-tracking technology in future educational research.

Group Photo of Professor Yang and the Students

Professor Fangying Yang is currently a full professor and director of the Institute of Science Education in Taiwan Normal University. She was an associate dean of the office of research and development in Taiwan Normal University from 2013 to 2015 and a visiting scholar of the Department of Psychology in University of California, San Diego in 2012. The main research of Professor Yang include scientific thinking and cognitive development, scientific reading comprehension, scientific learning process, scientific learning of digital environment and the learners’ characteristics and so on. In recent years, Professor Yang actively develops the application of eye-tracking method to explore the scientific learning process of students and has a deep understanding of how the learners deal with or think about scientific information, which have been affirmed by many international journals. She is currently hosting or participating in a number of research projects related to Taiwan and international cooperation.

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