“Cultural and?Educational High - end?Forum under The Belt & Road Initiative” was Successfully Held

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On April 22nd, 2017, sponsored by BNU and Shaanxi Normal University, co-organized by Smart Learning Institute of BNU, School of Journalism and Communication of Shaanxi Normal University and the Virtual Reality Application Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education, “Cultural and Educational High-end Forum under The Belt & Road Initiative” was held in Shaanxi Normal University. The Belt & Road Think Tank Alliance Council provided support and guidance for this forum. The guests attending this forum are Wushour Silamu, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor of BNU and Xinjiang University; Jianping Wu, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Professor of Tsinghua University; Yongquan Xu, Deputy Secretary-General of The Belt & Road Think Tank Alliance Council and Deputy Director of the Contemporary World Research Center of International Department of the Central Committee of CPC; Xiaolong Dong, Secretary of Higher Education Work Committee of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee; Zuoyu Zhou, Vice President of BNU; Hui Gan, Party Secretary of Shaanxi Normal University; Guangxu Cheng, President of Shaanxi Normal University; Huang Ronghuai, Dean of Smart Learning Institute of BNU; Mingquan Zhou, Director of Virtual Reality Application Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education and Professor of BNU; Yan Dong, Professor of BNU; Shouqian Sun; Professor of Zhejiang University and strategic emerging industry development project team of Chinese Academy of Engineering; Zhigeng Pan, Vice President of CSIG and Professor of Hangzhou Normal University; GiglioManzano, President of Philippine Association of Comparative Education and other guests as well as experts and scholars of peer universities.

Group Photo of the Participating Experts

The opening ceremony of the forum was presided over by Hui Gan, Party Secretary of Shaanxi Normal University. Shaanxi Normal University President Cheng Guangxu congratulated the smooth opening of the forum, welcomed the arrival of the guests, briefed the academic research results of Shaanxi Normal University under The Belt & Road Initiative and he hoped that this forum can activate innovation and wisdom, bloom ideas, promote far-reaching cooperation and achieve win-win cooperation. Zuoyu Zhou, Vice President of BNU, said that BNU attached great importance to, and established the National Think Tank " China Educational and Social Development Institute of BNU", and also set up The Belt & Road national education development research group relying on the National Think Tank, Smart Learning Institute and UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education , which had made a series of outstanding achievements of The Belt & Road research, and strived to create The Belt & Road cultural exchange brand , make The Belt & Road talent training highland, strengthen The Belt & Road public and educational information platform and set up The Belt & Road international alliance of open educational resources. Academician Wu Shouer Slavan said that the Silk Road is not just the road of economy, but the road of culture. He hoped that our initiatives into The Belt & Road culture and education construction would be enhanced through this forum and we can make due contributions for the culture and education construction of the countries along The Belt & Road. Deputy Secretary-General Yongquan Xu expressed his warm congratulations on the convening of this forum on behalf of The Belt & Road Think Tank Alliance. In his speech, culture and education play a dual role in The Belt & Road. They are important parts of The Belt & Road construction and also important factors to create The Belt & Road soft environment. The forum focused on the culture and education under The Belt & Road Initiative, which was very accurate and of great significance. BNU focuses on the overall design of culture and education combined with its own academic advantages in The Belt & Road construction and has achieved more fruitful results. It is hoped that through the collision of ideas in the high-end forum, all the parties can deepen their understandings of The Belt & Road and actively provide policy recommendations to promote The Belt & Road construction.

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