The Group of Three People Led by Dean Ronghuai Huang Visited Curtin University in Australia for Exchanges

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From October 25 to 26, professor Ronghuai Huang, dean of Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University, Dr. Tingwen Chang, director of the Internatioanl Communication and Cooperation Center, and Dr. Yuchi Zhao, director of UNESCO International Research and Training Center Office for Rural Education, went to Curtin University in Australia for a two-day visit and exchange under the arrangement of internationally renowned professor Demetrios Sampson (distinguished professor of Education School of Curtin University ) who established long-term cooperation with our institute. Curtin University is a well-known university for its science and technology. It is one of the top three universities across Australia and ranks 27 both in the QS World University Rankings and in the universities with less than 50-year history. It is a diversified international university, has 25% of overseas students and is also the first university to provide international education for overseas students, especially students from Southeast Asia.

Curtin University revealed great importance to the visit. Under the elaborate arrangement from the dean of Education School, associate professor Lina Pelliccione, the delegation conducted deep academic exchange with several research teams of Education School on the first day, including the associate professor Val Morey from Teaching and Learning Department, the associate professor Jennifer Howell from Student Experience and Community Engagement Department, professor David Treagust from Scientific Research Department, professor John William from STEM Research Center, professor Grace Zhang and Dr. Qian Gong from the Undergraduate Art and Chinese Teaching Department, Dr. Paul Merceica from International Department. Each head of department introduced the focus and the status quo of the research project. Dr. Tingwen Chang also shared fruitful research achievements since the establishment of the institute. Both sides have left a deep impression on each other and showed high expectations for the future cooperation.

Next day, the group of Co-Dean Huang discuss with Professor Alan Dench, vice-president of Curtin University, and associate professor Lina Pelliccione, dean of Education Department, about three possible cooperation in the future: 1) provide the opportunity to study abroad for teachers and students from both sides; 2) host international conference (such as the International Conference on Smart Learning Environment, ICSLE); 3) promote the international cooperation: a) jointly carry out international MOOC courses with Professor Demetrios Sampson; b) jointly publish papers, international report and books in School Improvement or magazines about STEM education; c) jointly host school leadership training program based on Professional Learning Hub; d) jointly develop Smart City based on VR project with NetDragon Incorporation; e) jointly plan the Chinese teaching project.

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