UNESCO Officials and Representatives from 14 Countries in Asia and Africa Visited the Institute

date:2015-09-02 09:29author:adminsource:SLI

On the afternoon of September 1, 2015, more than 60 foreign guests including UNESCO officials and representatives from 14 countries in Asia and Africa visited Smart Learning Institute. The assistant Dean Zhizhen Zhang received the foreign guests on behalf of the institute. The director of International Communication and Cooperation Dr. Tingwen Chang and Dr. Yuan Gao successively introduced the organization structure, the ongoing research project, the core product and team etc. and led the guests to visit the institute. The associate professor Jinbao Zhang showed foreign guests main researches and core products of 3D technology and students' innovative ability development research center, getting the foreign guests interested. In the process of e-book lab visit, Tao Tian showed foreign guests the e-books designed and developed by the laboratory. Many foreign guests were attracted by its design concept and interactive feature and experienced the e-books personally. Foreign guests generally expressed the hope that they would come to visit the institute next year and further experience the charm of 101 smart classroom and other products.

Figure 1 The assistant Dean Zhizhen Zhang ( second from left) and Dr. Tingwen Chang ( first from left) received the foreign guests.

Figure 2 The associate professor Jinbao Zhang (middle) presented 3D printing equipment.

Figure 3 The foreign guests experienced e-books.

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