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1. Introduce Our Institute

Smart Learning Institute (SLI) was established on March 2015. SLI is affiliated to BNU, and serves as an experimental platform comprising scientific research, technology development and education. SLI is also a joint venture between BNU and Elernity and its parent firm NetDragon Websoft Inc..

By utilizing the advantages and resources of BNU and Elernity, SLI aims to establish “Industry-Academia-Research (IAR)”cooperation mechanism; enable life-long learning by building smart learning environments and personalized educational platforms that reflect that needs and aspirations of the digital generation.

Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University follows the project-based team management and evaluation system, and PI responsibility system to form an efficient governance mechanism with expandable research areas and high-quality team. It hosts more than 100 full-time and part-time staffs, including 15 professors (6 of which are famous international experts), 29 associate professors, 4 oversea post doctorate, more than 30 postgraduate students and PhD students, and over 30 industry personnel. By connecting resources between schools and companies, the institute established a diversified HR system, which promotes high-end academic atmosphere and its international influence.

For more information, please follow our Official Wechat Account: (smartlearning BNU) or visit the institute website: /en.

2. Recruitment Direction

1) Virtual Reality in Education:

Research on identities of students in virtual reality, reliable environments, interactive patterns of students-devices-environments and characteristics of cognitive processes.  The design and assessment of VR classrooms, the design and application of instructional resources, the language learning in multiple user's virtual environment (MUVE) and the models of teaching in VR environment are also the focus of this research.

2) Big Data in Education

Focus on (1) collecting, clearing, storing and analyzing big data and their visual presentation; (2) designing and developing learning-analysis systems based on big data in education;(3) building large scale applications of big data in education and its related issues such as information security, ethics, policy and regulations, and so on.

3) Knowledge Technology:

Research will be carried out on knowledge ontology libraries for K-12 schools, knowledge map construction, knowledge visualization, knowledge modeling and diagnosis of students and teachers in primary and high school.

4) Cloud Computing in Education

Research in this space will focus on exploring educational cloud based platforms, pedagogical research of cloud-based technologies, cloud computing engines, visualization of educational data, as well as research and development of virtual experimental platforms and self-adaptation assessment service based on cloud technologies.

5) Internet of Things in Education

Research will focus on intelligent sensors and digital labs, including: Developing equipment to assist senior cognition, expanding human learning skills and knowledge integration, and utilizing intelligent technologies to Design, implement and optimize school environment (including classroom, campus, school district).

6) ICT-based Instruction

Research on the learning characteristics of students in digital environments. The research will also focus on designing and demonstrating new technologies in classroom teaching, capacity building to increase teachers' professional competency in ICT-based environments, and evaluating new products, new technologies and new methods in smart education.

3. Requirement

You will need to meet the following requirements:

1) Have obtained doctorate in top universities;

2) Under 35 years old, be able to work full-timely.

3) Have relevant degree and scientific research experience aligned with the research direction described earlier; Have solid theoretical, academic and research background; Have undertook substantial research work, and have high-quality scientific research achievements;

4) Have strong ability in studying independently, teamwork, good communication skills, and fluent English oral and written skills. 

4. Responsibilities

1) Work full-timely at the institute, undertake research work and tasks assigned by the institute. 

2) Complete research work with high-quality achievements independently or collaboratively. 

3) Lead teams, work on projects, and participate in work for international communications and cooperation.

5. Remuneration Package

1) Welfare and remuneration are governed by relevant regulations based on post doctorate of Beijing Normal University (including basic salary and allowance subsidies, social security fund and public accumulation fund).

2) Provide competitive performance incentives and matched life allowance based on the position, achievements, and contribution towards the development of the institute.

3) Our institute will provide top skilled supervisor, superior resources and platforms, favorable working and scientific researching environment, opportunies for international communications, open projects and working in a cooperative team, and create conditions to make post doctorates work cheerfully and live happily.

4) For the candidates who obtained great achievements during the employment period, they will be recommended preferentially to work in our institute and our joint institute after the completion of their post doctorate program. 

6. Application Procedures

1) Applicant shall send their resume (includes education background, working experience, published academic papers, attended scientific research program, obtained rewards and individual competencies), plan for postdoctoral research program aligned with our research direction, representative publications (electronic copy) and scientific research certificates (electronic copy) via e-mail.

2) Arrange selected applicants to attend interview at the institute

3) Successful applicant need to prepare relevant documents according to the requirements described in <Post Doctorate Entering procedures of Beijing Normal University > to enter the program. 

7. Way of Application

Please send electronic materials in the form of e-mail. Please use“ post doctorate+ name” as the name of application material and the email subject. Application and recommendation are very welcomed. 

Contact Person: Ms. Xiayu Yin

Tel: 010-58807264

Email: smartlearning@bnu.edu.cn

Address:  12F, Block A, Jingshi Technology Building, No. 12 Xueyuan South Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China

Postcode: 100082

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