DER TAGSSPIEGEL: How the Kolibri elementary school in Hellersdorf fights for normalcy

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Four weeks ago, I spoke to Anke Peters, the headmistress of the Kolibri School, about how school works without students. Peters was particularly concerned about one  thing at the time: what happens if the children are unable to return to school after the Easter holidays?
Now all the children go back to school . Because the Kolibri School has introduced a so-called “material shuttle”. The children bring their tasks to the teachers once a week and take new materials with them. "We decided that based on a tip from the parent spokesman," says Peters. Because not all families have a printer and a scanner at home.
With the material shuttle , the school also wants to emotionally compensate for the ongoing closure. "We don't want the children to wean themselves from school," Peters says. In addition, the teachers wanted to see the children once after a long time. Peters and her colleagues also take a look to see if everyone is doing well. On returning  , there were heartbreaking scenes, Peters reports. “Some children cried and wanted to hug their teachers. We unfortunately had to stop them there. "
Digital lessons are being expanded . The Kolibri School also continues to focus on the exchange of tasks with the help of computer clouds. Some teachers now use video conferencing and teach virtually.
The college is preparing to open the school . From Monday, the sixth classes will be taught at school again. 135 children return to school divided into small groups. They are taught first in the core subjects: math, German, English, natural sciences and social sciences. But at Kolibri Elementary School, as elsewhere, there are still   many questions to be answered : How do teachers ensure that students come at different times. And how will the court breaks take place at a sufficient distance in the future? Concepts are currently being developed for this.
The hummingbird school is already taking care of around 40 children a day in emergency care. The college can still manage this effort, says Peters. But when the fifth grades come back, you are overloaded with the current structures.
It looks good in terms of hygiene . "We now have soap and disposable towels by the end of the year," says Peters. But the necessary extensive cleaning of handrails and other surfaces has not yet been clarified. "This requires a daily cleaning". The responsible city councilor for facility management,  Juliane Witt (left), is confident about this. On request, she explains: "We can fulfill the Senate's hygiene plan - including daily cleaning."
The individual hygiene requirement is sometimes great . However, many teachers also wanted additional protection - such as disinfectants. However, the district cannot do that, says Witt. Anke Peters can confirm the impression. But she also lacks the means to do so . "We only got a few bottles from the Senate," she says.
The tenth graders are already back . The tenth grade is already back at the high schools and secondary schools this Monday. In advance, however, there was discontent in the schools about the senate's erratic communication policy. The short-term cancellation of the MSA exams  was a catastrophe, said a school manager from the district who preferred to remain anonymous. "The students are now lacking any motivation." However, the SPD parliamentary group in the Chamber of Deputies is already planning the next change. According to their wishes, secondary schools should also offer emergency care. And according to the wishes of school senator Sandra Scheeres, pupils with a high need for support should return regardless of the grade. Further classes will be taught later on site.
Text: Caspar Schwietering



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