DER TAGSSPIEGEL: Corona loosening in Berlin: classroom instruction for all students from May 29 - with a reduced schedule

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On May 11, the schools open to first, fifth and seventh graders. Sponsored children are also taken into account. Headmasters are given discretion.
School attendance will be expanded considerably from May 11th : Surprisingly, the first and seventh graders can come back. Also included are - as expected - the fifth graders of elementary schools and secondary schools and some special schools.
The seventh graders include all types of schools, including high schools. This was announced by the Senate Department for Education on Wednesday evening .
In addition, schools should endeavor to bring back pupils from all grades for whom teachers assume that they are not being adequately supported at home. Language or special educational needs would also be a criterion.
Within this framework, each school management should independently decide "according to pedagogical discretion" which other learning groups and grades can come to school during classroom hours.
Previously, the Chancellor and the Prime Ministers had agreed on the broad direction of further openings in the school and gastronomy area.

Shift instruction or block model

The aim is to give all students "classroom instruction with a reduced hourly table" by May 29 at the latest. Classroom instruction takes place until the summer holidays - as far as compatible with the hygiene rules. The "regular and occasion-related" hand washing of schoolchildren and staff is of particular importance.
The classroom instruction can be planned as a shift model or as a block model on a daily or weekly basis and should be carried out as far as possible in fixed learning groups and fixed rooms. The education administration expects the headmasters to "of course present the school committees". The parents should be informed accordingly. Publication on the school website is also strongly recommended.

Balance between infection protection and educational success

If pupils do not receive face-to-face classes, the school must contact them at least once a week, is the requirement of Education Senator Sandra Scheeres (SPD). However, the SPD faction had demanded that Scheeres use "instructions" to oblige the teachers to keep in touch with the students.
"It was important to us to find a balance between the absolutely necessary protection against infection of the pupils as well as the teachers and the educational success of the children and young people," said Scheeres afterwards.
The phases of face-to-face teaching should primarily serve "personal contact with the pupils, support with the acquisition of school qualifications and the exchange of new learning material. In addition, homeschooling tasks at school should be discussed, performance feedback given and questions answered.

An overview of the openings

  • Abitur exams have been written since April 20.
  • The 10th graders have been taught at special schools since April 27th, with the exception of the 10th graders.
  • The sixth graders of the elementary schools as well as the ninth and twelfth graders of the secondary schools and the eleventh graders of the secondary schools have been back since May 4th..
  • The final years were brought back to the vocational schools to prepare their exams at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. In addition, the final years of the vocational school, the technical high school, the vocational high school and the technical schools have classes again.
  • From May 11, the first and seventh graders as well as the fifth graders of primary and secondary schools as well as some special schools will be added.
  • In addition, grades 5 and 9 are now opening at schools with a special educational focus on "learning".
  • Students with a particularly high need for support receive classroom instruction regardless of their grade.
  • In the course of the coming week , the school opening will also apply to the final levels of the 16 to 18 year olds of schools with a special educational focus on "intellectual development". These schools should also independently check whether further openings are possible for the 13- to 16-year-olds.

Reactions from school management associations

Astrid-Sabine Busse, Association of Berlin School Leaders : "I welcome the decision to partially open the school. This is an important step in normality. I think it's good that the focus is also clearly on the pupils with special support needs."
Ralf Treptow, Chairman of the Association of Senior Study Directors: “The Berlin high schools cope with the increased demands of the exams with great effort. At the same time, classes with completely new processes for grades 10 and 11 are currently being organized. It is therefore correct that the gradual return of the other grades only takes place according to the respective requirements of the schools. "
Miriam Pech and Sven Zimmerschied, Chair of the Association of Berlin Secondary School Heads : “The school heads of secondary and community schools are looking forward to the challenge of enabling all schoolchildren to continue learning at school, in addition to continuing to work at home. The room for maneuver that is given to self-responsible schools is sensible and necessary because the personnel, organizational and spatial options at the individual school are very different and the students' independence in learning is very different. "
Ronald Rahmig, Chairman of the Association of Vocational Schools in Berlin : “The school management of the vocational schools are very satisfied with the start of school openings. The feedback from our students shows that the step is correct. With the compliance with the hygiene rules, we have no unusual problems in schools. Mainly the question of looking after children of both employees and pupils as well as students is still a challenge.


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