DER TAGSSPIEGEL: All pupils should go to school before the summer holidays and Berlin is considering attendance for the disadvantaged

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Culture ministers recommend taking lessons for all students until the summer holidays. Berlin has not yet made a final decision. (AMORY BURCHARD, SYLVIA VOGT SUSANNE EHLERDING)

Keep your distance at school: Under certain conditions, like here in Great Britain, schools in Germany could move to ... PHOTO: JANE BARLOW / PA WIRE / DPA

Up to the summer holidays, every student in Germany should be able to attend school occasionally - "depending on the infection process".
This is what the Kultusministerkonferenz (KMK) recommends to the Federal Chancellor and the heads of state for their advice on further relaxing the corona-related requirements on Thursday.
The Chancellor and the Ministerial Conference had requested such a “framework for the resumption of education and schools” from the KMK, which the KMK decided on Tuesday.
However, KMK chairwoman Stefanie Hubig (SPD) emphasized on Tuesday that there will be no unrestricted regular school operation for the approximately 11 million schoolchildren in Germany before the summer holidays. This is due in particular to the "hygiene requirements at schools, the reduced learning groups and the need to maintain a distance".

Mandatory presence offers for disadvantaged students in Berlin

In Berlin, above all, socially disadvantaged pupils should return to schools. There should be mandatory presence offers for them. Education Senator Sandra Scheeres (SPD) said that this is more important than that whole years come back before the holidays.
It is about children who find it particularly difficult to learn at home - for example because they have learning or language deficits, live in very cramped living conditions and do not have sufficient technical equipment.
Scheeres did not rule out the possibility of further grades coming back, but was not more specific. This has to be decided successively and depending on the infection process.
Scheeres wants to coordinate with the headmaster's associations about how the presence offers are designed and how it is determined which pupils participate.
Scheeres made no definitive statement on Tuesday as to whether all classes in Berlin would return to school before the summer holidays. The KMK concept provides that all pupils can go to school before the holidays, at least on a daily or weekly basis. The federal states regulate the structure themselves. Scheeres did not rule out further vintages for Berlin, but did not commit to more specific statements.
This had to be decided successively, and the infection process had to be closely monitored. What is certain is that from next week the sixth graders, the ninth graders at secondary schools and those students who graduate from high school next year will return to the schools.
Regarding the “occasional” school visit, Hamburg's school senator Ties Rabe (SPD) explained that on average it should be one day a week when the pupils could get tips on learning at home and sift through materials. The framework concept also deals with hygiene measures at schools, transport to schools and the organization of lessons, it said.
Mix of presence in school and digital learning at home
In a mix of face-to-face classes and digital learning at home, both forms of learning should be closely interlinked, said Hubig. For pupils with special support needs, there may be additional "pedagogical presence offers". In addition, concrete recommendations in the individual countries are planned.
Hygiene plans for the corona crisis already exist in all federal states; they consistently provide for daily cleaning or disinfection of all surfaces, a minimum distance of 1.5 meters and for the most part a maximum of 15 learners per class
Hubig called mouth-nose protection an "important tool to avoid infections". A mask requirement in schools is not recommended. She appealed to "act responsibly, carefully and always with an eye on the infection process when opening the school gradually".



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