UNESCO:The "School Meets the Learner" Approach under the COVID-19

date:2020-04-24 21:22author:adminsource:UNESCOviews:

The COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching consequences on education systems all over the world, with Nigeria not being an exception. This has resulted in a nationwide lockdown by Goverments, which is greatly impacting not only school closures but also physical/social distancing and change from normal routines of people. It is estimated that 39,440,016 learners are influenced, among which 48% are females and 26% are learners at secondery school level. Under such circumstance, children and parents/caregivers are working hard to cope with the challenges of home schooling. In this view, UNESCO Abuja Office has transformed the School Meets the Learner Approach (SMLA) by uploading and sharing the lesson content through various channels at free of cost in order to build on and strengthen the strategies of the Ministry of Education to sustain responsiveness and engagement of non-formal education learners  at the secondary school level.

The lesson content developed within the framework of SMLA is aligned with Nigeria's regulated institution standards and covers the curriculum of Junior Secondary School (formal education), including Basic Science, Basic Technology, Mathematics, English, Physical and Health Education, Information and Communication Technology, as well as the full curriculum of basic literacy for non-formal eductaion learners. Both the formal and non-form education components can be used online, offline and aired through TV and Radio.

The non-formal education materials (in Hausa) are now available and accessible at the official Youtube of UNESCO Abuja Office. Learning never stops!


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