Portugal:Parents and teachers are satisfied with the new policy, but students do not think so

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Parents and teachers are satisfied with the policy of the third term and think it is suitable for the current epidemic situation. But senior students are generally panic, they think that the exam should be canceled, and the assessment after remote teaching is unfair and unreasonable. (They have a petition to cancel the exam, which currently seems to be unsatisfied)
Jorge Ascenção, the co-chairman of the National Association of Parents (CONFAP) said, "(The new policy) is the answer we are waiting for to maintain balance." CONFAP has always insisted on three important messages: Academic activities must not stop; teachers should evaluate students according to their performance in third semester; if “back to school” occurs, it is necessary to limit the number of students.
Rui Martins, chairman of the National Federation of Independent Parents and Guardians (CNIPE), said, "(The new policy) is what we are expecting, and the only thing we may worry about is fairness. However, we may be able to handle it."
The National Federation of Teachers (FENPROF) and the National Federation of Education (FNE) also praised the government’s decision-making. João Dias da Silva, Secretary General of FNE, said: "We appeal that face-to-face teaching activities should not be resumed unless the Health Department grants permission and it appears to us clearly that the epidemic situation has improved.”
As Tiago Alves, President of the Student Union of Escola Secundária Camões (Name of a Middle School) said, among the students, the reaction was "disillusionment, sadness and fear". They participated in initiating a petition to "suspend the national examination" because they believe distance learning cannot guarantee fairness and availability. The petition has been sent to Assembly of Republic, and there are currently 8,500 signatures. Tiago said, "In the face of the terrible epidemic, the exam is meaningless."



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