Portugal:The third semester begins on April 14th, and the face-to-face lectures are completely cancelled

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Basic education (first grade to ninth grade): The third stage will maintain distance learning, and the teacher will keep in touch with the students. To maximize coverage, RTP began broadcasting on the “RTP Memória” channel. The final assessment will be conducted by the school ’s professors, without the need for an exam in the ninth school year. There are special family support programs for children under 12 years of age.
Secondary education (tenth to twelfth grade): The government chose to postpone the decision (May) and continue to monitor the development of the epidemic to confirm whether and appropriate to resume face-to-face teaching. If the epidemic continues to develop, keep the distance teaching. If the situation improves, it is necessary to continue classroom activities in view of the fact that these years are closely related to the future higher education and the diversity of disciplines cannot be fully satisfied through broadcasting and remote teaching. If the 11th and 12th grades resume classes, the 10th grade still maintains the “distance teaching” status. The examination time for the 11th and 12th grades was postponed. The first-stage examinations were conducted from July 6 to 23, and the second-stage examinations were conducted from January 1 to 7. Therefore, teaching activities can be extended to June 26.
Pre-school education: It is impossible to require young children to keep their distance, so it is too early to propose a "safe period".


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