BBC News: Coronavirus: Denmark returns young children to school

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As the first country in Europe to relax coronavirus restrictions in education, children under the age of 11 in Denmark will return to nurseries or schools. Denmark was one of the first countries in Europe to impose a blockade, and its schools began to close on March 12.
Although the probability of infection is low, there are also critics who warn that the strategy is risky. "We are a little nervous, but at the same time we must ensure that the hygiene rules are followed," Elisa Rimpler, a member of the Danish Union of Young Children and Young Educators, told reporters. "We have to wash our hands many times a day, because there are no masks, and at the same time we must maintain a proper distance from each other, which is a very difficult thing."
So far, Denmark has reported 6,681 infected persons and 299 deaths. Denmark is widely praised for its rapid and effective measures before the spread of coronavirus.
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