UNESCO Recommendation: National learning platforms and tools

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National learning platforms and tools

National portals to help assure the continuity of education during COVID-19 school closures



  • EduNET(link is external) – Provides various educational services for all school levels and enables communication between faculty members, students and parents. Functions include assignments, discussions, timetables, attendance tracking, school events and announcements.


  • National Cloud-Platform for Educational Resources and Public Service(link is external) – Provides continued educational services for millions of students. 


  • Ma classe à la maison(link is external) – Provides a virtual classroom system accessible via smartphones and computers. Enables teachers to facilitate the organization of distance learning.


  • Dedicated TV programming(link is external) – The Ministry of Education has arranged for all classes to be provided on television with a schedule based on grade levels. Students watch teachings of their courses nationwide and according to grade. 


  • La scuola continua – Supports education and learning of school students.  
  • Nuovo Coronavirus(link is external) – Provides guidance on the educational response to the COVID-19 emergency.  


  • MEXT(link is external) – Platform to support e-learning by age, level of education and subject.  
  • Future Classroom(link is external) – Points users to third party learning platforms. 

Republic of Korea

  • Educational Broadcasting system (EBS)(link is external) – Provides advanced educational service by offering various multimedia content.


  • MOE video channel(link is external) – A dedicated YouTube channel featuring video lessons and conferences from teachers.


  • MEHE(link is external) – Official learning application of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education with information for teachers and other education personne 



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