Free Resources for Schools During COVID-19 Outbreak(eleven)

date:2020-03-25 10:30author:Dian Schaffhausersource:Industry Newsviews:

PC Matic is offering free cybersecurity protection and remote management tools until Jun. 30, 2020 for organizations that have 10 or more employees relocating their work home due to coronavirus closures. PC Matic Pro provides whitelisting to keep unsanctioned programs from being installed; device authentication; remote management from a central console, including a remote command prompt, file manager, reboot and shutdown; patch management; performance monitoring; and monitoring, reporting and security to stop remote desktop protocol attacks.

PearDeck has opened access to Pear Deck Premium for 90 days. Pear Deck lets teachers create, distribute, and manage multimedia content and formative assessments on students' devices. Access is available to individuals and to districts.

PowerMyLearning is offering its "Family Playlists" program free to all schools and districts from now through the end of the school year. The program helps educators bring families into the process of learning by providing visual reporting on student progress, creating playlists that put students into the role of teacher-at-home and taking family members through learning activities and providing resources on how to help families understand state learning standards, social-emotional learning and other aspects of their children's learning. Playlists cover grades 3-8 in math, English language arts and science. Since the program uses phones, families can participate without a computer. The playlists can be delivered in 100 languages and integrate with Google Classroom and Clever. Teachers also get access to a collaborative platform with activities, assessments and interactives. To adopt the program for a school or district, reach out to Bill Rappel at (877) 338-1113 or


PowerNotes is offering free site licenses to school districts. The software helps students unify the steps in "reading, gathering, saving, annotating, organizing, outlining, tracking and citing research" into a workflow. Teachers gain visibility into student progress on research projects. All that's needed from interested schools is a quick phone call with the company support team to help get the service set up.

Promethean is making its cloud-based lesson planning and delivery software, ClassFlow, freely available to schools, teachers and parents. The program enables users to access K-12 educational resources across subjects and share lesson content with students who are working from remote locations. In addition, teachers who currently subscribed to the company's ActivInspire can create and record lessons for students to use in any cloud environment.

Pronto, which connects people via chat and video messaging, is providing its synchronous communication platform for free for the spring and summer 2020 semesters to instructors.

Quizlet is offering nothing special; but as usual the company continues to make many services available free, including its classroom games and flashcard study guides.

RoboKind, which produces "advanced social robots," has made a virtual coding course from it robots4STEM Avatar Version for elementary and middle school students available through Jun. 30, 2020. The software uses an online avatar that students program rather than programming a physical robot.


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