Free Resources for Schools During COVID-19 Outbreak(four)

date:2020-03-25 09:50author:Dian Schaffhausersource:Industry Newsviews:

Discovery Education has made its Discovery Education Experience digital service available to U.S. schools and districts that aren't already using the resources. The expansive platform provides access to 180,000 "assignable, editable" activities, videos, ready-to-use lessons and other resources" for K-12 math, science, social studies, English language arts and health. The company is also hosting a virtual conference on Mar. 26 and Mar. 27, 2020, to help educators apply Discover Ed resources in online education.

Earwig Academy has made its software for assessment, evidence capture and management, tracking and reporting free to schools for the next six months. The company said in a statement that it has created a modified version that can be "used intuitively and without the usual training required." Teachers and school leaders can apply at, which produces printable worksheets and educational resources to teachers and homeschooling parents, said it would be publishing free daily workbooks for students who are out of school. The workbooks include math and writing exercises for elementary students. The company said the contents would be updated daily.

Education advisory Education Elements is providing K-12 leaders webinars, office hours and online "coffee chats" on topics that include leadership, equity, trauma and virtual learning during school closures.

Educational Insights has compiled a set of free at-home worksheets for young learners. Those activities cover reading and language arts practice worksheets for grades K-2, spelling riddles for grades 4-6 and math for pre-k-2; as well as coloring, crafts and "brain benders" (word searches, riddles, connect-the-dots and mazes, among other games).

Education Modified has compiled two "bundles" of research-based information and resources to help families of special population students get through the remote learning experience. One covers how to help children do schoolwork at home; the other offers research-based activities for home-based learning.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is running a free massive open online course for students ages 8 to 17 on "Aviation is Your Future." The online program runs for nine weeks, from Mar. 16 through May 31, and requires a total of about six hours of time. The class is self-paced. The contents were produced by the university's Woman in Aviation International Chapter. Coverage includes a rundown on aviation terminology, aspects of flight such as lift and gravity, the major parts of the airplane, how a helicopter works and why space exploration is important.


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