Free Resources for Schools During COVID-19 Outbreak(three)

date:2020-03-25 09:46author:Dian Schaffhausersource:Industry Newsviews:

The Character Tree is giving teachers a way to share character education videos and downloadable resources with parents to use at home. Free access will last through Jun. 30, 2020. This program provides videos for first and second graders, with discussions, examples from history and role modeling to teach "character development" and emphasize positive character traits, including kindness, curiosity and integrity. All lessons are standards-aligned and come with printable resources. Parents can also sign up for their own free accounts.

CirQlive, which connects web conferencing platforms to learning management systems, is giving 90 days of free usage of its integration tool as well as free consulting services for administrators on how to deploy or scale online learning. Schools need to provide the number of host licenses required and the company will set them up.


ClassTag has made its communication platform freely available to help districts and schools communicate with their families. The software sends messages through SMS, email, apps and the web and automatically translates them into one of 55 languages. The platform can also be used to post videos, assignments and other resources for students to access at home and allow users to run virtual lessons with a video conferencing tool, such as Zoom. ClassTag has launched a "rapid onboarding program" that provides a hands-on demo and phone and chat support to get schools launched in under 48 hours.

Comcast has increased speeds from 15 Mbps to 25 in "Internet Essentials," a program for low-income families to get internet access. The company has also eliminated the $9.95 price per month and made it free to new low-income customers for two months.

Crowdmark is offering free access to its online grading and analytics platform until May 31.

Curriculum Associates has made printable at-home activity packs available for students that include self-directed and practice exercises. Reading and math packets are available for each grade from kindergarten through grade 8. Teacher guides have also been made available.

DeeperDive Learning, which provides online professional development, has made two of its "FamilyU" courses available to parents, grandparents and others working with their students at home. The company said it was making "How to Read with Your Child" and "Building Reading Fluency at Home" available for free for two to the first 1,000 families who sign up. Those who register will receive a code and access instructions within one to two days via email.

DH2i is making its DxOdyssey networking software available free through Aug. 31, 2020. The software is a Windows and Linux remote access program is an alternative to virtual private networks that provides "discreet and secure tunnels for application access" across the internet, corporate networks and cloud environments. Interestingly, company emphasized that its software download "is completely anonymous." There's no personal information collected, "to provide the assurance that no sales communications will result during or after the download and use of the software." DH2i is also making its support team available to help new users during regular business hours, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific time, Monday through Friday.


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