White Paper: Construction and Development of MOOCs in China

In December 2014, Beijing Normal University research team headed by Professor Chen Li, successfully applied for the key pedagogy project of National Social Science Fund for The Strategic Research of Education Informatization and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) (The approval number of project is ACA140009). Based on the present situation and national conditions, the project targets the modernization of higher education, ensures the direction of online education development whose core is MOOCs, charts development blueprint, explores innovative and effective practices and makes plans of action for country, colleges and universities’ developing MOOCs to promote education reform. 

White Paper: Construction and Development of MOOCs in China is the research achievement jointly made by the project group, Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University and Guoke MOOCs School. In the process of survey and study for nearly a year, the project group has established data questionnaire, screened research platforms, researched and analyzed data, wrote reports and so on and finally formed the current white paper.

Based on deep analysis of domestic 14 MOOCs platforms, 1388 courses and 22952 learners, from the key perspective of teaching and learning, White Paper: Construction and Development of MOOCs in China presents the current situation of Chinese MOOCs construction and development including China MOOCs platform construction, learners group, the organization forms of courses, teaching design and interaction, learning evaluation, learning support services, course certificate and credit system and so on. It discovers ten characteristics of China MOOCs construction and development, presents eight major challenges of China MOOCs construction and development in addition it puts forward strategies and suggestions on Chinese MOOCs construction.




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